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Concept & Design of one of the foremost air and space education centers located in Europe.


  • Klant

    Global Exhibitions

  • Project

    Concept, design, floor plans

  • Categorie

    Design, Branding

  • Skills

    Concept I Design I 3D-maps I Sketch-up

A project to create one of the foremost air and space education centers located in Europe. This program will provide a unique education opportunity.

We take eager young minds, hungry for knowledge, and inspire them to use that knowledge in real-life applications to help turn theory into reality.

Train like an astronaut, explore the inner workings of planet Earth, discover the secrets of the solar system, experience the thrill of flight, build and program robots and MORE.

I’ve been producing events since 1984 and exhibitions since 2005 and once in a while I come across somebody that truly surprises me and and makes me a very proud producer, I have to say that during this almost 2 years since we started 2 amazing projects ‘Astronaut Academy/Mars Colony’ and ‘Mysteries of the World’ your ideas for the design and layout were accepted on the first draft meaning that you got the idea from the beginning and brought a new and fresh approach to designing an exhibition and all of this by complying with timing which is never enough in this business, made realize how lucky Im am to have you in future projects of Global Exhibitions. Jose Araujo

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